Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbyes and changes.

"We'll Miss You Brittany!!"
Well let's be honest, who wouldn't?? haha, jk. This is the cake that my friends at work brought me for my last day at Wells Fargo. It was delicious by the way. Thanks guys!!!

i really hate goodbyes. there is nothing about them that attracts me. i don't like change and i don't like moving on. i love getting to know people, growing together, laughing and learning about the people i'm around. i really do love it. i am really starting to see a pattern that i'm not sure i love - or even like.
high school - loved my friends and had so fun. i'll never say i was popular, but i did have my group of friends that i was with every single day. i am "mustang born, mustang bred, gonna be a mustang 'til the day i'm dead". i loved oakdale high school and wouldn't have wished to go to any other high school in the world. i graduated, had to say goodbye to my family and friends, moved to idaho. hated it for months. and was so sad for a long time.
college - i loved my roommates and friends. i still missed home, but was still having a blast. here's how it went for me... meet new roommates. awkward. love roommates. semester ends. say goodbye. sad. new semester. meet new roommates. awkward. love roommates. semester ends. sad. a couple job changes in there, some roommates never changing and loving them still years later. semester ends. say goodbye to BYU-I. sad. sad. sad. i loved rexburg. it was bitter cold a lot of the time, but it was a good place for me to "grow up."
work - my first after graduation job. Wells Fargo Bank and i l-o-v-e it. the people i worked along side with for a year and three months became some of my really close friends. i spent more waking hours with them then i did with my own family. and this is what my blog is mostly centered on today. i have applied at wells fargo's down in fresno and am waiting to hear if i got a job or not.. but i feel really hopeful. here are only a few pictures of the people i worked with at the oakdale branch. people who i will never forget. i didn't bring my camera in soon enough to get pictures with all of them, but the ones i did get, enjoy your moments of fame on my blog. (wink)

this is ashley. she and i actually met in 7th grade. she and i weren't ever really super close friends, but we were friends. when i came to work at Wells, she already had two years up on me!! She was my instant friend at work teaching me the ropes of being a teller. thank you girl.

this is my girl jaimie!!! i was super super afraid of her when i first started. i thought she was so snobby, mean, and scary. i was seriously terrified to "shadow" her to learn how to work the system. after a few months i realized how FUNNY this girl is. she is so sassy and really doesn't give a care what anyone thinks about her. she made me laugh harder than almost anyone in my whole life. she has the funniest and craziest stories. tammi would rarely let us sit next to each other cause we would just talk and talk. we had the best chats. she was my closest friend at work and i felt like i could tell her ANYTHING!!

well, this is alison. this is the girl that has to try and fill the gap i'm leaving when i transfer down to fresno. :( my manager tammi hired her when she knew that i would be leaving so that i could train my replacement. what a sad day. i thought i would maybe hate her for filling the gap i would leave here but she is such a funny loud girl. i love her. i really enjoyed training her and getting to know her. she's a crazy one, but she's awesome.

and this is my girl lisa!! she is "ghetto fabulous" as she claims. this is a bad picture of us both, but it is the only one i have. she is SO FUNNY. she is constantly dancing, singing, and talking all gangsta to everybodys. she has these hand motions with everything she says. she has this ghetto talk accent and i love it. haha oh man lisa there is just nobody like you!! bon qui qui doesn't stand a chance next to you. haha
everything in my life is changing. i am getting MARRIED. i'm moving to a new city, new apartment, new job, and new location. i won't know any neighbors, where the grocery store is, where my work is, or anybody at church. my family and nearest friends will be an hour and forty five minutes away. it is a scary time in my life and i feel like i am constantly stressing over all of this. tom is the only rock solid in my life as i take on a whole new change. i'm thankful that he is there to support me as i'm getting so nervous. the only thing i'm NOT nervous about is getting married. i'm totally down and ready to do that!! i love tom so much and can not wait to be his eternal companion!! now if only i could feel that good about all the other changes taking place.

Monday, November 30, 2009

moving to fresno

Oh my world!! It has been forever since I posted a blog!! Let me express my apologies to my most devote readers (aka Tom) that have been urging me to write another post; for it has indeed been an awfully long time. hahaha I love you Tom, and here you go - finally a post to read. I hope it's up to your expectations after not having a post for so long!! In a nutshell I am so happy. I am slowly making my way towards forever-ness. There are days where I am so stressed and not knowing how I will ever make it to January, there are days where I am moody from just thinking about all of the plans that still need to be finalized. .. and then there are days like today, where I feel so blessed to have so much done.
I really have had so much help with the wedding plans and preparation, I can't even begin to think about it. How grateful I am to my sisters who have planned a bridal shower, where I was showered with SO MANY awesome kitchen gizmos and gadgets that Tom and I will definitely benefit from. How unspeakably thankful I am to my mom who has made so many phone calls and almost exhausted her resources with her co-wedding vendors to help Tom and I out for our big day. There is so much that still needs to be done, but today I am remembering my dear mother and sisters.

Wedding plans are coming along and things are really starting to fall into place, feel a little bit more finalized, and take shape. Life has been a roller coaster ride these last couple of months but it has sure been fun! Currently I'm taking a break from typing out wedding invitation labels. What a time consuming job that is! Not only do names have to be spelled correct, but I was realizing that there really is no room for error when typing addresses!! If I type one number wrong then there are three problems immediately. #1 someone is going to be very confused when they get a wedding announcement from me; someone they may not know. #2 someone that i do know may be sad when they think I forgot to announce to them that I am indeed getting married to my bestest friend Tom. and #3 I will be sad when they don't show their faces to me on that very special day. SO!! I am having to be so careful as I type all of these lovely little addresses.
Tom has moved into what will soon be our own little love nest!! It was a hassle indeed, and I'm sure from now on I will handle all apartment office visits/maintenance requests. Our apartment was indeed in need of help when he first moved in. The caulking of our shower was gone which made it painfully easy for water - lots of water - to slip to the bathroom floor, almost unnoticed until you stepped into a pool of water after being done with your shower. The shower door frame is covered with mold, and we have two shower doors - which is lovely - but they are two of the same doors - so they do not slide very well, and there is a towel rack on the inside of the shower door right where the water head is, and also on the outside of the shower where I believe it belongs. The bathroom door was splitting into three separate parts and has a huge crack in it where I think that the previous tenant punched it maybe .. or knee'd it when he was going to the bathroom?? I just don't know. The front door has had three previous dead bolt locks drilled and covered with metal plates up and down the door. The front door is also splitting into three different sections and the door handle doesn't completely latch into the door frame. lovely. And if it does latch completely into the door frame then a strong cute guy I like has to force it open to get through it. Underneath our kitchen sink the previous tenants removed a pipe, which made it so easy for water to pour onto the cabinet underneath that sink. There are dots forming, which look crazy similar to mold in our kitchen utensil drawer; these dots look like they are seeping through the newly applied white paint. We believe it to be mold, but it could be a close cousin. All of these things have now, or are in the process of being updated, fixed, and some of them are completely better. The shower, thanks to Tom. The little maintenance man just couldn't quite seal it, but thanks to my handy dandy almost husband, he was able to caulk, re-caulk, and caulk again until that shower no longer gave up the ghost. I mean water. This is our home-sweet-home, our soon to be safe haven from the world! Despite all of the things about this first apartment that are a little bit on the icky side, I love our home. We are starting to move things in, and hang calenders, clocks, and pictures on the wall. I can not wait to completely make our apartment our home.

My little brother Timmy has become quite the football star and it is so much fun to watch him play Oakdale Football. I feel so much pride (the good kind) when I watch him play and I hear the crowd yell out his name. I love how regardless of the amount of touchdowns, yards, or first downs he gets, or the amount of newspaper and TV interviews, fans and friends that pat his back, shake his hand, or congratulate him after a game, he still always looks for my mom, dad, and siblings to give us a hug. Timmy is such a fun guy and I love him tons. There is nothing I love more than being with the people I love most, and here's a picture of most of us after the BEAUTIFUL win over Sonora (our long and undying rival) Jenn and her family were in Utah and Kevin is obviously in Montana serving our Father in Heaven, and Kell and Talmage's kids weren't up to the long drive and cold, cooooold night up in the foothills.
I love my life. I love what is has challenged me with so far, and how I am continually growing from the life lessons it offers.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

update on the weddin plannin

what's on today's blog menu? stressin with a side of stress! i can remember a couple specific details about my summer semester 2007. i was an RA this semester at lamprecht hall. i was able to work (aka play) with three of my dearest friends: jenn, lindsaywitt, and brandi jo. most of the memories i hold of that semester are happy times (we'll skip the long gray spot in there from drama, drama, and more drama because that's not the reason for this blog!!) however, for some reason there has been a memory of mine that i had long since forgotten about - that has since reappeared!


i can remember sitting in the lamprecht hall office with my head resident jenn. we were talking about extremely important things i'm sure. things like diet pepsi tasting better than diet coke, the annoying maker-outer couples, and the obnoxious heat. however, those are not the memories i'm recalling with perfect clarity. i am remembering when my dear friend brandi jo came walking heavily into the office, backpack on, hair done, and ready for class looking stressed and to her patience end. i remember jenn and i turning to look at her as she said, "somebody told me that if you can get through the engagement and wedding planning, you and your fiance can get through anything. is this true??" honestly, i wondered what the big deal was! i wondered what in the heck can be that hard about plannin a party? the most important part of planning is done right? temple preparedness and appointments? i didn't think much more about that statement other than she's got to be a little bit crazy.. and needed a diet pepsi. pronto speed. HOWEVER, here i am two years later remembering her stressed out face and voice as if she just walked into the office a couple of minutes ago.
i know it is ridiculous for me to complain. everyone has been there or will be there at some point in their lives. tom is being absolutely amazingly and perfectly supportive and as helpful as he can be while living an hour and 40 minutes away. i have been offered help from my amazing mom, sisters, cousins, aunts, future mother in law, sisters in law, and friends. i thank you all for that! it's looking at the reception as a whole that makes my eyes want to roll back and sleep until it's december 17th and my tom is home! things i'm thinking about daily: budget, cake, decorations, color schemes, guest list, tables, set up, take down, lighting, flowers, dress, hair, make up, shoes, veil, his ring, videographer, slide show, engagement pictures, engagement outfits, centerpieces, table clothes, invitations, DJ, food, who will make the food, dessert, candy, candles, life-sized kevin picture, marriage certificate, and transportation. it is a TON to think about - especially while working full time and having to meet sales goals. (which by the way.. brag moment for me.. i am at the top of the teller list at my store for my sales, which translates into i am ranked 22 out of 255 tellers in my region, have only been with the bank for a little bit over a year ... aka, i rock.) so i am a busy little face!!

most importantly is the temple is already booked for tom and i. we did that first thing! luckily, oh so luckily for me my mama is going to be my photographer. why? because i think she's the best and she thinks shes the best, she'll be free to hire, she'll get the shots i want, and she has to go to the temple anyway so i don't have to bribe her to go. she'll also be taking our engagement pictures and then my bestie 79 melly told me she'd design my invitations so that's freakin rockin too! my dress will be decided on and in my possession by this coming thursday, my cousin christy is doing my cake cause she's m-a-zing, and cortney is picking out the "bridesmaids" dresses. i really am in better shape when i really start writing down all of the things that i don't have to worry about anymore.

i am determined to enjoy whatever part of life i'm apart of. i have realized that i have a habit of wishing away time. when i was 14 i couldn't wait til i was 16 and could finally drive. once i was 16 i couldn't wait to be graduated high school. once out of high school and into college i couldn't wait til fall semester when i got to come home. once i was home i couldn't wait to go back to school. once back in school i couldn't wait to graduate and have a full time job. now i look back to when i was 14 and wonder what in the world the big rush was all about! the things i thought were so important then -- well honestly i don't even remember what they were! i don't want to look back once tom and i have been married for 10 years and we have babies and work, bills and stress and wish that we were simply engaged and back to planning and dreaming about the rest of our lives. i truly want to enjoy this time that i have to get to know him, to talk wedding and reception plans with him. i am counting down the days until i am his bride, but trying to remember patience and being happy to be his fiance!
oh, and brandi, sorry for not understanding then. i do now.

Monday, September 7, 2009

my deliciously fabulous weekend

tom came home for the weekend!! yay!! i feel like when he leaves i run all week long on my "love tank" and by the time the weekend comes i'm about running on empty. i see tom, he hugs me so tight and suddenly i feel refueled and ready to take on the world, fight the mafias, and solve all of the world's mysteries. that may be exaggerating a wee bit, but i really feel so energized and so happy!
tom got to my house around 2 am because he had to work at the fresno vs. uc davis game. once he finally got out of there he got on the road and headed here. once he got here we talked and just simply being in his presence makes me feel so energized!! he got to sleep in our spare room - complete with tinkerbell and the three fairies from sleeping beauty painted on the walls surrounding the bed... haha so funny.
sunday morning we went to oakdale 1st ward - my homeward - and it was so fun being there with him. i LOVE sitting next to tom in church. singing hymns, whispering our thoughts here and there, holding hands during prayers... oh my heart i love it. he is whoa awesome. after church we came back to my house and took a perfectly delightful sunday nap on the double recliner chair in the family room. we have deemed that chair "ours" because we sit in it everytime he's home. we decided we are going to steal it when we get married so we have a nice chair. don't tell my mom who took it when it goes missing. because it will go missing. and tom and i will love it. sorry mom!
after our nap we went for a walk over to my grandparents house. i know they love the company and we love talkin with them. i've decided they are so full of simple wisdom. i love how great of an example of love they are. they honestly love each other with every fiber of their beings. they are best friends, buddies, and would do anything for each other. i hope tom and i can pattern our relationship after my grandparents. life will get difficult and challenging, it may not always be easy, but i truly hope we can always turn to each other through good times and bad and come out stronger because of it.

tom and i went for a walk around the ranch. i showed him at least 15 different locations where my cousins and sisters and i had made "clubs". growing up my cousins and i would let our imaginations grow like weeds. we could take a spiderwebbed, dust covered pile of wood and transform it into an office complete with secret passageways, magical buttons, and a secret hideaway where no one else in the world existed anymore... cow troughs, tire sheds, cattle tracks, storage shops, "junk lane", it didn't even matter - they all were our playground and i cherish those free fun memories.
that night we got in the hot tub and had such a great talks!! i love how tom and i can talk and talk for hours. we spend all day together, then talk for hours on the phone. that night had a really cool breeze so it was nice to just sit and relax in that hot water. nice? no. deliciously fabulous is a better description for it. it was so relaxing and happy fun. after the hot tub we got changed and then went and stargazed on the trampoline. that is something we have done together since day one. i love that time we have to connect after a long day. so we stargazed for a couple of hours, decided we were tired of swatting away mosquitos and more than a little bit cold so we went inside and went our separate ways and visited dreamland. nice.

this is our "death glare at the distance between oakdale and fresno" face. i hate that he's so far away!! it's just an awkward distance where we can't visit eachother for the day.. you have to make a trip out of it. however! i am VERY glad that it is only two hours and not more. phewee!! something i learned this weekend: love rocks. it totally does. it makes sad people happy. grumpy people more pleasant. sick people better. it really is the best feeling in the entire universe. thank goodness, i'm not on empty in my love tank anymore. i'm full to the brim. thanks tom! bows!! you the best!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


today i'm writing a post.. not because i had an amazing time with tom - cause i didn't.. he's been in fresno all week. i'm not writing because i had a nice relaxing day off from work - cause i worked 6 days this week. i'm also not writing because i feel like sharing anything new - cause there really isn't any new news for me to share!! today i'm writing as a shout out to being home.
on monday i talked to my dear friend shannon and she told me some sad news. her parents home was consumed by flames in auburn and burnt to the ground. as she told me the few details that she could my heart went out to her and her family. i thought about the pictures and irreplacable belongings that they lost. it thought about their dreams of building that home, the hard work, time, money, and the years it took to make their dream home a reality. i thought about the few times i had been there, and how i mourned the loss of their beautiful home. i simply cannot, nor do i want to, imagine what that must feel like - to lose almost everything i own within a matter of moments.
after talking to shannon on the phone i started to think about all of the things that i would hope to save if that were to happen to me. my mind went to countless things - it was like a domino effect! i would want my journals and pictures, my "special box" where i keep meaningful notes, letters, and keepsakes. there are countless things that i would want to save and cry over if i didn't. this led me to realize that the most precious things i "own" really are my family, the relationships we have, the love we share, and the memories we keep. it made me realize that even if i don't have my journals or pictures or special box - that though the smells and colors of those memories may fade, the feelings surrounding those special times remain. love is such a beautiful and special thing. it's something that can only be destroyed if we let it.
i love the chance i have to see my family every single day. to walk over to my grandparents house, walk through their front door and see them sitting in their chairs- always ready and waiting to visit with whomever walks through their door. i love how everyday i walk through that screen door my grandpa calls "friend or foe?" haha. he's so cute!! i love the smell and comfort of being home. i love hearing my mom and dad talking in the next room. i love the sound of breakfast in the morning when i'm not wanting to wake up. and yes i mean sound.. haha dishes are loud when you're sleepy. i love the familiarity of home.
something i realized while talking to shannon is that "home" isn't just the walls that surround us; it really is where the heart is. that common saying really is true!

Monday, August 24, 2009

the proposal

thursday started out like any other day for me! i got to take my sweet time getting ready for work because i didn't start until 10:45 that day i believe. it was nice to just dilly dally as i got ready for work. tom and i were talking on the phone that morning and i asked him what he had planned to do and he told me his "ho-hum" list.. laundry, errands, and other such things. little did i know that he had much bigger to-do's on his list!!! one being talking to my dad, asking for his blessing in our marriage, and the other ... drum roll... popping the question.

tom had to know that i would say yes. for heaven sakes, we had already registered at target and bed bath and beyond - just because we knew the time we would have together when he would be home from fresno would be limited, and why not do something so fun as to register!!? so anyway, whenever i close at wells fargo tom usually arrives at the bank around 5:59 just to hang out a bit before i'm able to skedaddle out of there. he never showed up!! i called him when i was on my way home and he said that he got caught running errands and he would be a little late getting to my house, but he would try to be there at 6:30. little did i know that he had to drive to stockton to my dad's work to talk to him! my dad usually leaves my house for work at 4:15 pm. he works from 5pm - 5am. tom had picked up the ring earlier that morning and was bound and determined to propose that night! when tom got to my house at 3:30 my mom told him that my dad had a meeting and had left about 10 minutes before. not knowing how else to ask my dad, he drove up to stockton to talk to him.

i really want tom to type how the people at the main gate wouldn't let him through because he didn't have the "pass code" and how he paced back and forth in front of the door that you need a key to get into - knowing full well that people were watching him, and probably laughing at him.. waiting for my dad to take mercy on him and let him in. i want tom to write about how my dad took him into an empty conference room and suggested they both take a seat. cute cute cute. i love details, but that is basically what i know of what happened when i was oblivious to what was happening while i was at work.

so i got home around 6:10 and decided to shower since tom was taking so long to get to my house. honestly, i was a little frustrated that he had decided to use his free day doing nothing, and now that i was free and we could finally hang out and play he was doing errands. i was slightly bothered, but practiced patience and didn't let it bother me too much. tom FINALLY got to my house and we hugged and i noticed right off that something wasn't normal. tom was acting very ... stand-off-ish. normally when he's at my house, or i'm at his we hang out together, sit together, walk around together - you know, like.. be together!! haha... but tonight i was in the kitchen with him, and he'd walk to the parlour. i'd ask where he was going and he wouldn't say anything. so i went in the parlour to be with him and he was playing with my ipod finding romatical songs that we love. he found our favorite and we started dancing. i didn't think this was too odd cause we do that kinda often. the song ended, we hugged and kissed, and then he walked out into the kitchen again. i thought that was weird. and so i went into the kitchen to be with him and he walked to the office. i let him have his space cause i really didn't know what to think. i called down the hall asking him if he was okay and he didn't answer so i walked down the hall to the office, asked what he was doing, and he was just sitting in the computer chair. not doing anything. i knew something was wrong, i just didn't know what!!

so this continued on for about 45 minutes and i was going ca-razy! i suggested we start making dinner - chicken alfredo. it was delish by the way. he and i are in the kitchen and again he walks to the parlour. alone. arr! i was getting so confused wondering why he kept wanting to be alone!!! poor guy was just so stressin out!! hahahaha. the phone rang and it was my sister kelly. i talked to her until call-waiting beeped and it was my sister jenn. i talked to her for a bit and decided to go into the parlour to be with tom. he was sitting in the rocking chair by the window and i sat down on the love seat. i invited him to come sit by me and i would scratch his back - something that he loves! i finally got off the phone with jenn and i asked tom what was wrong because his face was hot, red, and sweaty. he just told me that he had a lot on his mind and he had a headache. i suggested we go in the kitchen and check on dinner and he thought that was a good idea. we stood up, were holding hands, and i started walking out.. but he didn't. so i turned around to see why he wasn't walking with me, and he looked at me, got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket, and very simply and perfectly asked, "Brittany, will you marry me?"

As soon as he got down on one knee my hands went to my mouth and he said he heard me mumble, "oh my world. oh my world." i really couldn't think or believe that it was happening so naturally, as if it was something that we do all the time! just walking out of the parlour, holding hands, nothing different than any other day or night we do that.. and BAM! down on one knee! busting out a sparkly lovely thing, and popping the question. I just hugged him to me. Since he was on his knee, his head was against my tummy and he pulled away and looked up and said, "Britt. You didn't answer me!" I just looked down at him and said "Of course I'll marry you!!!!" So he got up, moved my CTR ring from my left hand to my right, and slid on the sparkly lovely onto my ring finger. it fit perfect-ly. it is absolutely dreamy and elegant and perfect and perfect!! we hugged, kissed (only once... ha! ;)) and hugged a lot more. I couldn't help but scream out a little "EEEEEEEEE!!!!!" and he laughed. He picked me up, twirled me, and we hugged again. It was happy lovely.

I am happier than I have ever been. I am more in love than I ever thought possible. I love him more and more everyday than I thought I could the day before. I really never thought love like this existed. The kind that makes you smile to yourself when you think about him. The kind that makes you giddy when you know you get to see them soon. I feel like me, but so much better. I am happier and more patient. I am excited and ready to take on the happy days and the challenging ones. I no longer watch movies or read books with a sense of longing for what they portray of love there. I've got my own story now, and it's better than Hollywood could pay people to do.

Yay for January 8, 2010!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

playin catch up.

So this blog post is a catch up from my week of PTO. On July 22 Tom and I headed up to the mountains. We went to Calavaras Big Trees, one of California's State Parks that will be closing - or so I heard. It's definately something you need to go and see at least once in your lifetime. This day was only a small baby one in comparison to the massively long ones we had when going to San Francisco and Monterey/Santa Cruz. It's a really neat thing to see - such massive tree's that grow from such a small seed!!

Tom and I woke up that mornin and headed up there. We stopped at Subway in Arnold and shared a 5 dollar footlong sandwich. It was pretty tastey!! We then headed out on the trail to get up close and personal with those humungus trees. This is a picture of one of us with a little Redwood Tree. And by little I mean not little.

Here's just another picture of us in front of a huge tree that they cut down. Actually the stump of this particualar tree it was used as a dance floor back in the day. There are about 10 steps you have to walk up to get on it, and it's about 24 feet in diameter. I read on a website that by counting the rings in the trees they determined that the age of the tree was 1244 years old when it was chopped down. CRAZY! That's a pretty dang old tree!! This pic is of a bit of the trunk that is still there on display. Tender. haha.

After Calavaras big trees we drove to my house, hung out for a little bit, and then drove to Tom's where I spent the night because the next mornin we (his mama, papa, tom, and i) drove to Utah for Tom's brother's wedding!! We left on Thursday early early in the morning. I think we got on the road right at 5 am. I wasn't awake for long, hense the reason I'm not certain of the time. On the way there Tom and I slept, talked, laughed, slept, watched 24 on his laptop, talked, laughed, slept, ate, talked, slept, and talked some more. We were laughin lots and we decided and discovered a total truth. We love each other more than anyone has ever loved anyone else in the entire world - EVER. It's true.. so all you readers, if you think you love the person you're with a lot... Tom and I have got you beat. hahaha - okay, maybe not true to any of you, but to Tom and I it's totally true. haha
So we got to Utah, I met Tom's brother Timothy, and we all got together as family ---eee!! I can say I'm part of the family! Cause I am! ..well, almost!!--- and we ate subway for dinner. It was so delish cause we were STARVIN MARVINS!! We then went back to Timothy's apartment and started the last minute plannin/details of the weddin!! Tom and I got to have a "afternoon out on the town" and we went to Taco Bell for a much needed break away from crowds. haha.. funny story about that Taco Bell that I won't write on here. But Tom sure takes care of me, and he endeared himself to me FOREVER because of his thoughtfulness, and the unawkwardness of the situation. Thank you Tom.
The wedding day was beautiful and hot. Clear clear blue skies, but hot hot sun. Note to self: no summer weddings. Boo!! I hate hot. I get ornery in the hot. Really really ornery... and in a bad mood mostly. It was so good to be there for Timothy and Shanna's big day!! Yay for weddings for in love people!
I was struck again by the beauty of the Salt Lake Temple. That was the first time I was there and actually had time to walk slowly around and pay attention to the detail. While Tom and the rest of the family were inside the temple for the wedding I walked around with Tom's niece and nephew and got to play on the grass and run around and get some wiggles out. Despite from being outside and playing around - quietly of course - my thoughts were with Tom inside the temple. I can't wait for our chance to promise to love each other forever and to have our love sealed for time and for eternity. That night we got to go out - just the two of us - and talk about our dreams and plans for the future. We went to the mall and window shopped. It was a lot of fun. We walked into some sparkley stores that made me smile really big - and made Tom a little nervous.. eeeeee. hahaha... good times. exciting times.
The next day the four of us treked on homeward. Again Tom and I slept and talked and laughed and slept and talked. Tom is truly my bestest buddy. Love his face! We also watched 24, saving the last two episodes of season one for when we were home at my house. I hate that I love that 24 show. It makes unneccessary addicts out of totally uneffected humans like me. And I love Jack Bauer. And I hate Nina Myers. and I love Senator Palmer, but I hate his wife. and Mean people are so mean!!
I loved this trip to Utah with Tom and his family. It showed me again and again how much I love Tom and many reasons why I never want to live without him. He's so kind and gentle and thoughtful. The trip was a blast. I loved it, loved the company, and love Tom!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i miss him already

if you don't want mushy, stop reading this post now, cause this blog tonight is all about that boy i call tom. tonight is the first night where he is officially living in fresno. it's a sad night indeed. normally on sunday nights we eat dinner, dessert, play games, watch a couple of recorded ti-vo shows, lay on the trampoline and star gaze, tell stories about the past, talk about what's going on now, and our dreams of the future. normally we will hang out with cortney and jacen, my family, or my grandparents and laugh and play games.

so that boy i know has officially moved to fresno. i'm having a harder time of it than i thought i would. i am comforted by the knowledge that he is only about an hour and a half away.. however, it makes me so sad to know that because of the awkward distance, i can't just go visit him for a couple of hours on my day off. it's a little bit too far away for that. as i was gearing up for him leaving i started to really think about things that i admire about tom; trying to take advantage of him while he was here and not having the common "wish i would have realized sooner" kind of regrets. here are some things about tom that i can tell ya right now that i'm going to miss.

i'm going to miss just being with him. simple, everyday errands that we run, our long chit chats, or chat chits as we call them.. :) i am going to miss running up to him when we finally get together and feeling his arms wrap around me as we hug. i am going to miss the safe and secure feeling i get when i know he's there. i feel so comfortable and happy with tom. i'm really going to miss his little face.

i am also going to miss tom's "man"ness. tom and i have talked about the gun laws, politics, gender issues, sports, religion, family, and countless other topics. i have commented to him multiple times how "manly" is opinions are. he makes me laugh so hard at some of his views; and some of them are pretty strong! i love that he really cares about things going on in our world. i love that he isn't a wimp about his ideals. i love that he is taller than me with my tallest high heels, i love that his arm muscles slighty flex unconsciously when i touch them. i love watching him with his determined look on his face. he's got a plan, and he's going for it. i love playing sports with him - soccer and bowling are the only one's so far, but many more to come i'm sure. i love that he wanted to pick me up and twirl me around in his arms but waited til i felt more comfortable.

this picture is of when tom and his brother in law aaron came out to the ranch to help us get rid of some squirrels. now he may not ever be an "annie oakley" but as i understand it, he had 6 shots and a death toll of 5. way to go babe! haha. i feel a tad bit redneck by saying that, but i'm proud!!

i am going to miss his kisses. simple sentence, lots to feeling to it. tom sets my heart in motion when he kisses me. my cheek, hand, nose, or lips - doesn't matter. my heart goes racing and it makes me realize why our faces have lips. to kiss. enough said.. i'm going to miss those kisses.

tom is so goofy. i am going to miss his random happy quirkiness. he makes me laugh harder than anyone in the whole world. he has such a crazy imagination and it always makes for interesting moments. we could be playing cards, walking around, driving around, sitting around, whatever.. and suddenly he'll just pop off with some goofy comment. and sometimes he speaks in a scary man voice to top it off. its just so funny. now here are just a few of some silly little things that we say back and forth that i will miss...
~how embarrassing.
~okay! have a nice life!!
~ (the famous) wah wah!
~ ow my entire life!!
~ Get in the dirt!!!
~bits of glass muffin.. mf mf owww!
~ jack bauer from 24 moments

like i said at the beginning, i'm so glad fresno is only two hours away, but i'm sad it's so far away. so lame!! adding up all of these things and more that i'm not mentioning i guess its easiest to combine everything into a couple ending sentences. i am going to miss my partner in crime, my star gazing pal, my secrets saver, the one i feel the safest with, my adventure-going buddy and my dream maker. i'm going to miss my best friend, that boy i call tom.

Monday, July 27, 2009

the perfect day

our kiss at sunset
we made it to the lighthouse

what? this is totally normal!

on the rock mountain in the middle of the ocean. really... the very middle of it.

trying on nice sunglasses at Monterey Fisherman's Wharf

Look out point on top of the restaurant

Tuesday of my week of PTO Tom and I decided to go to Monterey and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Like Monday, this day was a fun filled adventure. Tom and I left early in the morning, and started off our day in Monterey. It was gorgeous. I love cold chilly weather. I love blustery winds and clouds. I think it's the most romantic kind of weather. Tom and I started out our day at Fisherman's Wharf. It was fun. We walked up and down the wharf, through shops and stopped to eat at a fancy little lunch place. Tom and I both had the clam chowder. He really enjoyed his and I had a hard time keeping my mind off of the clams... don't really know why!! Normally I love clam chowder, but this bowl was hard to swallow.
Tom and I went to look out point at the top of one of the restaurants at the end of the wharf. We watched the seagulls and the boats sailing in the bay. It was a little breezy but I loved it. I loved standing next to Tom and feeling so safe and secure. I love our little chats we have about "what ifs" and "one day this or that" I love that I can talk to Tom about anything and everything on my mind or in my dreams or worries. Tom is so patient and understanding. I truly never thought there was someone who I would get along so perfectly with. I have already learned so much from him and his example. He is so great.
We left Fisherman's Wharf to go to the tide pools. This was such a funny funny part of our day. We parked across the street from this part along the beach where there are tall rock islands.. we climbed these rocks and sat at watched the ocean crash against the rocks time and time again. As we were sitting there watching the power of the waves we just started coming up with the craziest of scenario. "Tom, what would you do if all the sudden a whale got tossed in between the rocks with the next waves, got stuck and couldn't get out??" and instead of coming up with a creative come back or detailed explanation of what he would do in that circumstance, he made this amazingly accurate.. or what I can only imagine as being accurate - sound of a whale getting tossed into and plugging up the rocky rocks . It was a "thoomp" sound that made us laugh for a couple minutes - and by a couple minutes I mean a good ten minutes or so. As the day went on randomly he would again make the "thoomp" sound and we would again be having fits of giggles. Tom can make me laugh harder and longer than I think anyone. It always makes for a good time.
We decided to head back to his car and I seem to have developed a magnet for little accidents that don't hurt very bad but seem to cause a bit of damage!! As we were crossing from one rock island mountain to another I stepped on a little slippery part of the rock. As my foot slid forward on the wet rock, my shin came in contact with the rock mountain very abruptly. It hurt. I have a bruise that is large in stature on my right shin. It's kinda not pretty. It truly doesn't hurt that bad, but it sure looks lovely. Too bad I can't join an ugly bruise contest. I might when 4th place! Tom and I walked back to his car and we just kept laughing and laughing. I wish I could remember details of what we were talking and laughing about. I would like to type it out to always remember our silly little conversations ... I can just remember my stomach cramping from laughing so hard. The kind of laughs where you feel like you just can't help but let out a booming laugh over and over.
After we left the tide-pool area we headed over to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This is such a fun place. I'm not much for the "carnival" type feel, but this place is just pure fun. We didn't ride a single ride.. we walked along the boardwalk, watched people play silly money eating games, walked in and out of shops, took a couple of goofy pictures, walked to the Wharf, watched the seals - even got to touch one cause it was laying so close to the fence. Tom and I heard this boy talking about how you could walk down the stairs on one side of the wharf down to water level - they have a fence put up, but you can see tons of seals. It was so funny to watch them interact with eachother. I decided that in no way would I want to be in the ocean swimming with these "little" guys, and in no way, if given the opprotunity, would I ever choose to be a seal. Gross. I would really hate it.
Tom and I really wanted to pick out matching sweaters to have and remember our time.. we walked in and out of about 15 shops before we came across the cutest and comfiest sweaters. I love them and I'm excited to wear them when the weather is cooler. To wear it now would be sort of dumb. Tom and I walked back across the boardwalk, and across the beach. By this time it was about 6 o'clock. The beach was basically deserted and we just held hands and walked barefoot along the waters edge. It felt like something you see in the movies. We started to talk about our futures and about them being together. It caught me off guard to feel so comfortable talking to Tom about this.
We walked to the lighthouse a little distance away and sat on the "ocean made" boulders set up against the .. lighthouse ground? I don't know what you call that. Okay story: Tom and I were climbing up some rocks to the lighthouse, and along the walkway where the lighthouse is, are some massive sement "jacks" shaped rocks. And by massive I mean massive. They are put there to break up the waves as they come crashing against the lighthouse to protect it and the land it sits on. As we were walking past them I asked Tom if the rocks were "Ocean made". Tom just looked at me and without missing a beat said "Oh yeah! They have this neat little factory out there (pointing out into the far away water) that spits them out for us." What a sassy!! I obviously knew the ocean didn't make them, but I guess it's my fault for not posing the question right. It was pretty funny and we laughed for a while over that.
Tom and I sat down on one of the "ocean made" sement protector rock things and started taking pictures of the sunset. It was so magical and romantic sitting next to someone that I love, holding hands, watching the sunset, a slight breeze, seagulls flying around, ocean waves crashing every couple of minutes... it was better than the movies - that's all I can say. Hollywood's got nothing on us. We again talked about our futures, and as the ocean swallowed the sun into nighttime Tom kissed me and I love that boy more than I ever thought possible to love someone.
We walked slowly back to his car, hugged, and went on our merry little way. What a fun two days our week started out on.

i lost my heart in san francisco!

It's getting late and I have no idea why I am still awake. I must have a lot on my mind so I decided to play catch-up and write a blog about this last week. Can I just say.. YAY for having Paid Time Off!! talk about greatest idea EVER! this past week was my week of PTO. This means I get paid 5 hours everyday of this week for getting to do what I want to do when I want to do it. And what did we decide to do? More like what didn't we do?
Tom and I started off our week visiting San Francisco. I will admit - there has always been a small part of my ambitious side of me that has wanted to live in a big city - for just a short period of time - just to say I had the experience of the daily hustle and bustle. I think there is a little bit of glory and respect due to the person who fights through the crowds on the way to work or the market or home wherever the case may be. I find the thought of city life very exciting - that is when I'm not apart of it. Living in Oakdale and our little two-lane roads can leave much to be desired for - that is, until I venture out to the big city and am reminded of why I feel so comfortable in these small town streets. Here are a couple reasons why I prefer Oakdale over San Francisco.

Reason #1: Plexi-glass teller windows at Wells Fargo.
Tom and I saw a massive Wells Fargo Bank on Market Street. We decided to go in there to see what it was like and to deposit a check that Tom had. We walked in - security guard at the front door. Thick plexi-glass spread across the entire teller-line. Very, very different from Oakdale's comfortable, very open lobby. Where they have marble floors we have worn out and traffic-tread carpet stains. They have crystal chandeliers and we have attractive florescent boxes that burn out once every couple of weeks. As off the wall as it may sound, I really missed Oakdale's little quirks over the luxury of the San Francisco branch.
Reason #2: Protesters.
As Tom and I were walking to Chinatown there were a couple "Prop 8 Protesters" on either side of the sidewalks trying to get signatures to again overturn what we have already voted on. Twice. As we approached one specific man - let's call him Arnold for this story - I doubt that was his real name, but I don't know any Arnold's, so this can't offend any of my friends - he stuck out his clipboard in front of us and says to us, "Would you like to help us over turn Prop 8?" Tom just looked at him, and said, "No we would not." Arnold just looked at us and I said "We've already voted on Prop 8" and Arnold said, "Well yeah! I think everybody has." He sounded a bit perturbed. Tom and I went on with our way. As we were walking a little bit further away Tom and I started talking to each other about how it's crazy that we have voted, as a people, to keep the definition of marriage what it is today. Why do they keep trying to undo what we have voted into place? I have nothing, absolutely nothing against anybody who chooses to love another person. I will never try and stop anyone from love. However, to me it's the principle of the issue. It's what I believe God's law to be over what man thinks it should be. How grateful I am for the direction of a latter-day prophet and a loving Heavenly Father.

Reason #3 Parking.
Parking is atrocious. Street meters are crazy. 1 nickle will give you 1 measly minute. 1 dime will get you 2 precious minutes. and 1 quarter will give you a whopping 6 minutes. No joke. Oh, and be careful not to put in more coins than 1 hour adds up to be. Because if you do it doesn't notice the extra coins as minutes, but it sure will take them from you. How lame. Oh, and if you choose to not sit at a parking meter, you can always pay the "$18.00 All Day Parking Pass" Psh, you kidding me? Talk about dumb.

I can remember going to San Francisco in the 7th grade and walking around this crazy big city with some friends of mine.. we walked through the streets of Chinatown, into an alleyway.. and into this whole in the wall fortune cookie shop. I have thought about going back there ever since... So Tom and I went to Chinatown, found and found the alleyway that made fresh fortune cookies. We bought 3 bags. We love love love fortune cookies. Even though I know the fortunes really aren't real, I find a great sense of satisfaction and excitement when one of them says something that I want to hear. Why do we do that to ourselves? When one is lame or doesn't apply I throw it away. "Be careful with that business travel to India" Who thought up that one?? C'mon, that was my fortune?? However, when one tells me that "People admire you for your greatness" or "A romantic surprise is coming your way" I will save it and set it somewhere I can see it as to remind myself that I have a good fortune. What a silly kid I am. Or maybe dumb is a better word. Oh well, I think it's fun anyway. I like it... and crazy as it may sound, Tom and I were opening the most "in tune" fortune cookies ever! It was crazies! We bought shirts to remind us of our amazing adventures in Chinatown.. and at $1.88 a piece how could we pass that up?

After Chinatown Tom and I went to Pier 39. Can I quickly just give a shout out to Tom's excellent navigation skills?? I tell ya, he found his way everywhere! I know he didn't plan on it.. I'm not entirely sure the most skilled taxi driver that ever lived, that grew up on the streets of San Francisco could have found his way so perfectly. I'm still not sure how Tom found his way so well, but he did and I'm grateful!! At Pier 39 we found a nice quaint little place to eat our lunch. We sat right next to the window that overlooked the docks. It was quite the view. My clam chowder was so delicious. We walked the Pier and had the loveliest of little chats. We took lots of pictures, walked in and out of the shops, and had the best of times. It was picture perfect.

After the Pier Tom again found his way through the confusing criss-cross San Francisco streets and took us to Haight/Ashbury. This is supposedly where the Hippie movement began. It was a whole new world there. So many homeless and free spirited people. It made me feel bad that so many people truly lack real direction in their lives. Tom and I also went to the Golden Gate Bridge Park. It was so beautiful. It was really breezy, pretty chilly, and very romantic. As the night was coming to a close we decided to head back home before it got any later. As we drove away from the city we could see the temple straight ahead of us. It struck me again then, as it has many times before, how beautiful the temple is. The promise that it holds if we live worthy of it's blessings. There is so much confusion in the world - it's looking desperately for some sort of a leader - a light in the darkness. Unfortunately they can't see the truth for what it is. It's there for the taking. I'm so thankful for the knowledge and the testimony I have of what the temple stands for.

We finished up our San Francisco get away with some In and Out. It was delish of course! This day was perfect and magical. It's hard to believe that I can get along so perfectly with any person. Tom really does make me feel so important and safe. The best part of this day was walking the crazy bustling streets, and feeling rock solid and steady with Tom there beside me. Standing at the edge of the pier and Tom telling me he loves me - but more than hearing him say those words was the way I felt those words in my heart. There are few moments I have had in my life that surpass that one.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sometimes plans don't work out for a reason.

why is it that some nights i am just itching to sleep and it's all can do to keep my eyes open .. and then other nights, ones like this one, i am still ready to play and party. i suppose this is good. it gives me a chance to play catch up with my blog. my theme i've discovered for the evening is this: sometimes plans don't work out for a reason - and it's even better than you could have planned! i will explain this to you throughout my blog!

saturday nessa and ryan payne, jenn and josh, and tom and i decided to go to pinecrest lake for the day. we wanted to hike around the lake, jump off rocks, and sit and enjoy the nice fresh mountain air. well, the hike was great and refreshing. that is, until we met our destination.. i was jumping down a steep boulder and some lame, dead, and very stiff branches jumped up and bit into my knee. how rude. my already battered and scared knee, whom i have so lovingly named Hank now has a nasty stab wound. it looks super ugly and unhappy every time i look at it. tom and i hitch-hiked onto a party boat and the drunk partiers floated us back to the marina at top-notch speed. i mean, the canoe-ers were putting off waves for us at the speed we weren't going. oh well, it sure beat hiking back around the lake!! thank you partiers! on the bright side of things, i am extremely lucky. the nasty gash doesn't hurt one bit. that is unless dr. tom is dabbing a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide on it. ooo-eee.

tom is the greatest. he was so patient and careful as he cleaned it out, being gentle but strong with me when i was trying to push his hands away from my wound. i really appreciate you tom. thank you for your help.

now for my theme! tom and i had rockin plans. we want to make the best out of the time we have left before he leaves for fresno and our adventures become a lot more spaced out.. today on the agenda was beautiful weather, san francisco!! tom and i had planned to go to :: china town, the pier, haight/ashbury (or something like that) the full-house park, golden gate bridge :: however, because i caught my knee skin on a dumb and dead tree branch, he and his mama thought it best i go to the doctor to have it checked out - to make sure there wasn't any infection brewin a down deep in there. i really did NOT want to give up my day in the city with tom to go to go to oakdale for a doctors appointment.. however, i did see the logic in "better safe than sorry." after all, who wants to have their leg cut off from a mere flesh wound? not i!!

truly, i was expecting this day to be a bummer. best news ever: it wasn't. this is where my theme again comes about. it was a really great day! i don't think we could have planned such a fun relaxing day of productiveness! ha. tom and i ran some ho-hum errands, but it was so fun. we laughed so much. i felt the bonding! it was sweet! something i absolutely love about tom and i. our minds and personalities and sense of humor cater to each other! we can laugh and talk about anything and everything. we can be serious when we need to be, and happy-go-lucky whenever we want to be. we understand each other and often times are thinking the same things! it's so neat! he has this "mean monster man" voice as i call it - that he talks in when he's being especially silly. it. is. hilarious! he uses it all the time but it always catches me off guard and makes me laugh even harder. oh my world tom is funny.

i was craving a hamburger like crazy tonight so tom and i went to in and out. talk about delish! we ate our cheeseburgers and shared our milkshake and fries. it was perfect. when we were done we just sat in the restaurant talking about things we've learned, telling stories, and different defining moments in our lives. i loved that we could just relax and talk. i didn't feel the need to hurry or to put on a show or tone anything down. it was just perfect and fun.

also special about this day.. it was five weeks ago that tom and i officially started dating! how crazy is that? it feels like i have known tom for years and years not a few weeks. it is so interesting to me how life takes it's turns. i was not looking for any kind of relationship. i was perfectly happy and content with where i was and with what life was dealing me. and then along came tom, and made my life better when i thought it was already so good. how does that happen? i. love. it.

tom, thank you for a fun day. i love you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

my fun friend called tom

Well, here's a little story about how when you're not looking for something it comes to find you. Let me explain... a little over a month ago I was very content with how my life was rolling from day to day. I have only dated two boys seriously in the past and was not looking for another relationship. At all. I was happy with going to work, coming home, and spending the rest of my time at home, slightly obsessed with my favorite TV drama "Bones", hanging out with Cort or my Mom, visiting my G&G everyday after work.. life was easy and I was happily truckin along. .. and then everything started to take a turn.. so here's the story from the beginning - well my side of it at least. (wink)

A week or so before Mother's Day I was asked to give a talk in church ON Mother's Day. I said yes, of course, love to.. or something of the sort.. and went ahead and starting writing my talk. My mom wanted me to call back and tell them that I couldn't.. it being Mother's Day and all she wanted us all to be home. However, I decided that I should just go ahead and speak. I could use the blessings, right? (haha) So Sunday comes and it wasn't any different than any other Sunday so far. Then it's my turn to speak. I got up, gave my talk, and sat down at the end. As I was walking down the aisle to get outside.. (all I was really thinkin about was the BBQ going on at Grandma and Grandpa Valk's house with the whole family,) this boy jumps out of the row a couple pews behind mine and says "Oh, I really enjoyed your talk!" I said thank you or something to that effect.. and kept walking out. I truly didn't think anything about this boy - I just thought he was being really polite.

A day goes by and I got a message through Facebook.. it was this boy called Tom asking if I was going bowling or to institute or to FHE.. I told him no and probably four or five excuses later, I agreed to go Wednesday Night bowling with all the YSA's. We bowled on the same lane and then at the end of the night he asked for my number. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to give it to him because I was honestly so fine with where my life was at! I gave it to him, and a couple days later he asked me out! I said I'd love to go, and really I thought it would be fun! This is where my Utah trip came in and I left for the weekend. I had a blast in Utah and Idaho, enjoyed the drive there and back, and really, just the entire trip was a blast and a half. The Saturday I came home was Tom's and my first date. Before the date I was in such a negative mood! I didn't want to go, I was being such a "Debbie Downer" over the whole idea.. why? I don't really know, I guess I was just being a lame face.

Tom came and picked me up, we drove to Turlock to a bird/fish park.. can't really remember the name of it.. He brought along a loaf of bread and we fed the birds, ducks, and fish. It was a really nice evening. He brought out a picnic and the entire date was just a load of fun. I was very pleasantly surprised. From that night till now is kind of a blur. Sometimes I stop to think about all of the things we've done and talked about since then and it really takes my breath away! YSA activities, dances, luau's, bowling, star gazing, swimming, soccer, cha cha dancing, softball, Sequence, 24, car washing, crazy accents, countless laughs, a few tears, painting, and carpet cleaning ;) It is almost impossible for me to comprehend the fact that a month ago this boy called Tom meant so little to me.We hang out just about everyday. He is a load of fun. He's so funny.

Things I like about Tom: He is nice. Tom is probably one of the top 3 nicest people I have met in my entire life. He is selfless and happy. He is kind and gentle and he is so respectful. Tom takes charge of situations that are failing. He is such a big example to me. He's not afraid of doing the right thing. He's brave and cute. He makes me laugh. He's involved in life. He has goals and he's working so hard to make them a reality. He makes sense. He's a hard worker and doesn't quit until the job is done. He's creative and so sweet I'm sure I'm getting cavities! (haha) He speaks up and takes control of situations that could get awkward or dangerous. He humors me and not only puts up with my crazy moments but he joins in too! He pops my back perfectly, and gives whoa good massages. Tom is solid in his beliefs. He isn't ashamed or afraid standing for what he feels and believes is right. He puts things into perspective for me and he just makes sense.

I don't know why things have happened the way they have. I don't know how I found something and someone so good when I wasn't looking or ready for something to change my life around so wonderfully. I don't know how so many things fell into place to make this transition feel so natural and perfect. I guess what it comes down to is I don't care how things fell into place or why they have, I'm just glad they did.

Fun in Utah

This is a continuation of the blog previous.. I never really finished up my travels and how sad day is this??? I'm sure Shananagan and Jenn are a little bit passed the point of anger.. maybe even to the plotting stage? Who knows? So here we go my loves! Here is the rest of my story.

Driving from Idaho to Utah was a NIGHTMARE. I was not happy. I was not having fun. I was not driving 75 on the hwy, no no.. I wasn't driving 50 or even 40 mph. I was tubbing along at a "brisk" 35 mph speed. Why? There was a massively massive and humungus storm a raging. It was scary. It was dark and windy. It was raining and lightening. And I was NOT smiling. Normally I love storms, but this was not one of those times. I was actually crying. So it was literally a sad sad day/night. I finally made it to Utah and Shannon and I were finally able to be friends again. ;) She had the house to herself and so we were partyin it up college graduate style. Complete with PJ's, brushed teeth and Shan's face washed.. we sat on the couch at watched a P-90 X Info-mercial. It was actually a pretty good one. (Oh, and PS Shan.. I found out it really works. A girl at work told me.) We watched that for a whole .. oh I don't know 15 minutes and then we went to bed. I fell RIGHT asleep. I don't really even remember getting into bed. All the sudden I woke up. mm. Love nights like that.

We woke up and of course, had to hit up facebook and talk about people that we used to know. Some that we're glad we no longer do.. and others we wish we could still be friends with. We watched music videos, and talked and talked. She showed me a very precious love video that I am so determined to have one of me and my love done one day. Ask me about it and I'll show ya what the world I'm talking about. Then we got ready to go and ... we went SHOPPING!!! We went to Downeast.. which is a goldmine for cheap clothes. I bought some True Religion jeans there... but they were boy's kind so I took them back. I had no idea!! I just knew they were a bit gappier than I think those jeans are meant to fit. Ah well. Then Shannon and I went to the Mall and we both did some shopping. Me for shoes (I just can't help it) and Shannon for cute tops. She ALWAYS has cute tops. I bought some whoa so cute zebra heels that I can't match with anything. They were only 6.99 and they are sassy and they make me feel so good. I really heart them a ton. They don't even give me blisters, which is a mega bonus.. except they make my toes cry so I don't wear them everyday.

Shannon and I finished up our fun outings with lunch at BAJIOS! It was so so delishioso!! I hadn't eaten there since I was in Rexburg over a year ago and there was one in Layton. She even ordered the Queso Dip. (as bro pyper says.. so good you could drink that stuff) Well, we didn't drink it, but we did taste it and we did like it. A lot. :D This completed our fun time together and I got ready to go head to my sisters casa for a couple of hours.

Some things that I love about Shannon. She is the biggest reason why I stayed up at BYU-Idaho after my first semester. She was patient with me and helped me to look on the bright side of things when all I wanted to see were reasons why I needed to go back to Oakdale. I love Shannon because she is so good at being happy and so good at being a fun friend. She is friendly and thoughtful and through the best and funnest of times all the way through to the worst of times - and yes we did have a few of those. (wink) She truly is one of the greatest girls I have ever known. I love Shannon for always loving me.

I visted my sister Jenn and her family for only about 5 hours but it was a blast. I love my sister Jenn. She is pretty rockin. She was always the sister that would bring me home some soda or something from town.. which I always thought was so cool when I was young. I mean now it's great too, but it was so fun to be her little sister. I met up with her at Target and she introduced me to a bunch of people she knows there. She spends so much time there that she can introduce me by name to the workers there. How embarrassing!!! hahaha... except she works there so I guess it's okay. I wish that Jenn and Sipa lived closer to Oakdale. I mean, I'm sure I already have this title with them anyway, but how is the Best Aunt in the World supposed to have full reign if she doesn't live near two of her favorites!!!? C'mon Jenn and Sipa! Move home!! I had a blast of a trip. I loved almost every moment of it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my trip to rexburg.

Well my goodness gracious what a crazy fun time life is sometimes!! So here is the blog of my travels and my friends. Memorial weekend is a pretty crazy weekend and I was the lucky winner and didn't have to work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday!!! So I naturally planned to run out of town. If I had super stamina I may have just ran literally.. but I do not.. so long time college friend Chris drove with me to Utah and then I made my way up to Idaho. I had a blast!! I got to see so many friends and be reminded, once again, why I love my friends so much!! Holy smokes I have been blessed beyond words. You guys know who you are! My life would be a sad tale indeed without you. 

Chris and I made it to Utah and I dropped him off at his sister's house. I then drove to Jenn's house and passed out in her spare bedroom. I was beyond beyond sleepy. I slept for three hours, got up, showered, and headed back on the road to go see my dearly beloved's that are still livin the good life in Rexburg. Can I just say.. that drive up there was getting pretty tough. I wanted to sleep so bad. However, this isn't something that is encouraged and so I did my best to keep my eyes focused on the road! ha. Pulling off the highway into Rexburg was so bittersweet and perfect. It. Has. Not. Changed. Except the Hardhat Restaurant moved to I.F I guess. Random. That temple sitting up on that hill has never looked so beautiful. I'm so blessed to have been there through all stages of it being built. 

First stop: I went and saw Lindsaywitt. Oh my heck I love this girl. She is always a shining example of happily truckin' on. She is the greatest example to me of faith in the Lord. She amazes me. Like really, really whoa. She is funny and fun and a champ in having patience with me when I'm a little crazy. In a word, she is selfless. Always thinking of others. I've seen this in her for years. Linds, if you ever need a recommendation for a job or school, call me. I promise it'll be Gold Star quality. =)

That night Lindsaywitt and I drove to Ammon to see our dear friend Brandi Jo! This was an adventure for sure! Brandi lives with her lovely husband Drew in their first home!! Brandi is quite the decorator. She has everything looking model-home quality.. but better. She is absolutely the best at turning any dull space ... aka dorms (haha) or any other living space into a lively, colorful, homey and "never-want-to-leave" dream. She's good with colors and shapes, and Brandi, you're definitely hired to come make  my house a pretty place one day. 

Lindsaywitt, Brandi, and I had a very very fun night. We roasted marshmallows and starbursts in Brandi and Drew's fire pit in their yard. It was the most perfect weather we could have asked for, no mosquitos, and of course, my boot sitting there enjoying the fire. One of the adventures that we had was driving to her in law's house to get fire wood. Now let me explain this: old beat up jeep. dents in the sides and gray. way lifted tall. NO doors. sitck shift. three girls. enough room for two. It was a BLAST. we were laughing so so loud. the motor on the jeep was so loud we couldn't even hear ourselves, but it was such a fun adventure.

After this evening of fun with Lindsaywitt and Brandi I went over to my 79's house. aka Melly's little nest that she shares with her super fun and nice hubby Marc! Now Melly and Marc. They make me so happy. I have told Melissa this before - but I can only hope that I can share a relationship with my FEC (future eternal companion) like Melly and Marc share. They are so absolutely perfect for each other. Their love for each other is tangible. You can really feel it being around them. I literally feel happy and hope for my chance one day. They are just cute and nice. .. not only that, but they have let me sleep on their floor two different visits now. Thanks guys, I really really appreciate it!! 

So now it's Sunday .. can you believe all of that other stuff was all just in one day?? True story. I experienced something so neat going to Melly and Marc's ward. They live in married housing - obviously - and so their ward is just married couples. It was the strangest thing ever!! Everybody had a buddy at church! Everyone was sitting in pews.. but by twos! Every couple of couples had a baby.. but for the most part it was just a whole ward filled with couples. It was the funnest thing! After church Melly and I travelled around Rexburg taking as many creative boot pictures as could be created. We were laughing a ton, and below is my all time favorite Lucy Boots picture...

After the boot pictures Melly and I went and surprised our old roommate and dear friend Ali. Now, for those of you who don't know, Ali is notorious for Sunday being a day of rest. Meaning, she spends the whole day, minus three hours at church, sleeping. It is the funniest thing. She wakes up looking whoa crazy, hair everywhere, and always in her navy blue boxers with bright orange slices printed all over. She wasn't answering her phone when Melly and I called so we walked right into her room.. she still didn't wake up .. so I lied down on the bed next to her and snuggled up to her.. and let me remind you - she didn't have any idea I was coming - infact I had talked to her the day before .. on my way to Utah .. and told her I had a couple days off and she told me I should come to Idaho. I told her it was impossible and other stuff.. and then there I was laying there next to her. She yelled. Melly and I laughed. Oh Ali, you are a crazy girl. I love your random art-si-ness. I love that you can recreate anything beautiful you see with paint and canvas. You are so funny. 

After my visit with Ali, Lindsaywitt and I went to Jenn and Allen Jones's home. Jenn and Allen were the Head Residents at Lamprecht Hall when Lindsay, Brandi, and I were all RA's .. and then Allen was my Director in the Student Spirit Events organization on campus for two semesters. They both have been there during very good and very trying times with me. I will always consider each of them some of the most impacting ( that a word??) friends from my time at BYU-Idaho. They both were and still are such amazing examples of faith in the Lord. I love each of them and their family dearly. Lindsaywitt and I went over to their home and played the wii.. I mean I played the wii while everyone laughed.. cause Linds wouldn't play. What a lame-o! ;) It was fun. A ton ton of fun!

After dropping Lindsaywitt off at her apartment, I again got in the car and drove once again out of Rexburg. It was such a short but crazy visit. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Going to taco bell to see my old co-workers. Eating at Craigos. Shopping at Downeast. Visiting temple grounds so close to home. What a perfect place.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

i kinda miss you rexburg

Let's go back a little bit shall we? Two years ago I lived in La Jolla apartments with three of my dearest friends in the universe. Two of those dear friends were getting a growing obsession with and helplessly bending the back of a completely (then) unknown novel called "Twilight". A book, at the time, I claimed was stupid, lame, and vowed I would never ever read it because of what it did to them. A book that had two of my roommates gasping and going crazy because they couldn't read fast enough. A book that drove me crazy because of their craziness for it. Fast forward two years and those pages, then stiff, are now thin and crinkled. A book that will always remind me of the dear and fun times I had with my roommates in good old Rexburg.

I'm planning a trip back to Rexburg - just for a quick visit. I am so excited to go and visit that  place. With the planning of this little trip I've thought about what it will feel like to drive that familiar highway. How it will feel to see the Rexburg Temple standing tall on the hill, still miles out of town. How it will feel to drive through those familiar streets, see places where I have lived and grown so much. I've thought about Barnes Hall, Nauvoo House, and good old Lamprecht Hall. I've thought about campus and how much it has changed in the short time I've been away. I've thought about SSE, the growing experiences and countless things I learned about myself, others, and most importantly the Savior. I think of roommates, boyfriends, classes, activities, and jobs I've had, loved, and not loved ;) but all of them shaping me into who I am now. I don't know how it will feel to be back and not belong. 

Some things about Rexburg will never change. Things like snow covering the ground more than half the year. Wind e-v-e-r-y-day. Clean checks and white glove. Up hill both ways - to class and home - how it works, I'll never ever understand it. However, it's the things have have changed that make me sad to go back. Things like roommate dinners every night, quick trips with all 5 roommates piling into a car to run to Walmart. Ice skating for FHE and apartment prayers (sure do love ya!) 

Jamba runs with Jenn, Brandi, and Lindsay. Things like Ali taking days in walmart to do her grocery shopping. Crossing the "frozen deseret" and still being late and having to "sign in". Things like Jaimie being so loud and intrusive.. opening the door during goodnight kisses. AWKWARD! (hahahaha) Things like Shan and Melly reading in our room about Edward saving Bella from unimaginables.. bad guys in Port Angeles, potential and evolving warewolves, and bad vampires. Something I used to hate, but wish I could return to.