Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbyes and changes.

"We'll Miss You Brittany!!"
Well let's be honest, who wouldn't?? haha, jk. This is the cake that my friends at work brought me for my last day at Wells Fargo. It was delicious by the way. Thanks guys!!!

i really hate goodbyes. there is nothing about them that attracts me. i don't like change and i don't like moving on. i love getting to know people, growing together, laughing and learning about the people i'm around. i really do love it. i am really starting to see a pattern that i'm not sure i love - or even like.
high school - loved my friends and had so fun. i'll never say i was popular, but i did have my group of friends that i was with every single day. i am "mustang born, mustang bred, gonna be a mustang 'til the day i'm dead". i loved oakdale high school and wouldn't have wished to go to any other high school in the world. i graduated, had to say goodbye to my family and friends, moved to idaho. hated it for months. and was so sad for a long time.
college - i loved my roommates and friends. i still missed home, but was still having a blast. here's how it went for me... meet new roommates. awkward. love roommates. semester ends. say goodbye. sad. new semester. meet new roommates. awkward. love roommates. semester ends. sad. a couple job changes in there, some roommates never changing and loving them still years later. semester ends. say goodbye to BYU-I. sad. sad. sad. i loved rexburg. it was bitter cold a lot of the time, but it was a good place for me to "grow up."
work - my first after graduation job. Wells Fargo Bank and i l-o-v-e it. the people i worked along side with for a year and three months became some of my really close friends. i spent more waking hours with them then i did with my own family. and this is what my blog is mostly centered on today. i have applied at wells fargo's down in fresno and am waiting to hear if i got a job or not.. but i feel really hopeful. here are only a few pictures of the people i worked with at the oakdale branch. people who i will never forget. i didn't bring my camera in soon enough to get pictures with all of them, but the ones i did get, enjoy your moments of fame on my blog. (wink)

this is ashley. she and i actually met in 7th grade. she and i weren't ever really super close friends, but we were friends. when i came to work at Wells, she already had two years up on me!! She was my instant friend at work teaching me the ropes of being a teller. thank you girl.

this is my girl jaimie!!! i was super super afraid of her when i first started. i thought she was so snobby, mean, and scary. i was seriously terrified to "shadow" her to learn how to work the system. after a few months i realized how FUNNY this girl is. she is so sassy and really doesn't give a care what anyone thinks about her. she made me laugh harder than almost anyone in my whole life. she has the funniest and craziest stories. tammi would rarely let us sit next to each other cause we would just talk and talk. we had the best chats. she was my closest friend at work and i felt like i could tell her ANYTHING!!

well, this is alison. this is the girl that has to try and fill the gap i'm leaving when i transfer down to fresno. :( my manager tammi hired her when she knew that i would be leaving so that i could train my replacement. what a sad day. i thought i would maybe hate her for filling the gap i would leave here but she is such a funny loud girl. i love her. i really enjoyed training her and getting to know her. she's a crazy one, but she's awesome.

and this is my girl lisa!! she is "ghetto fabulous" as she claims. this is a bad picture of us both, but it is the only one i have. she is SO FUNNY. she is constantly dancing, singing, and talking all gangsta to everybodys. she has these hand motions with everything she says. she has this ghetto talk accent and i love it. haha oh man lisa there is just nobody like you!! bon qui qui doesn't stand a chance next to you. haha
everything in my life is changing. i am getting MARRIED. i'm moving to a new city, new apartment, new job, and new location. i won't know any neighbors, where the grocery store is, where my work is, or anybody at church. my family and nearest friends will be an hour and forty five minutes away. it is a scary time in my life and i feel like i am constantly stressing over all of this. tom is the only rock solid in my life as i take on a whole new change. i'm thankful that he is there to support me as i'm getting so nervous. the only thing i'm NOT nervous about is getting married. i'm totally down and ready to do that!! i love tom so much and can not wait to be his eternal companion!! now if only i could feel that good about all the other changes taking place.


  1. I hear you Brittany! I just moved to Moscow, Idaho so Rob can go to the U of I and neither of us know anyone or anything here! We are learning and loving it! Changes are more exciting when you are married because you have someone who is always at your side and as long as that is constant you can do anything! I'm so excited for you! Marriage is wonderful!

  2. Oh i hear you on everything! I know that as long as you feel that getting married is perfect than everything else will work out! That is probably the biggest fear is going everywhere new but can't wait to hear about your experience after moving and meeting neighbors and a new ward! Where are you moving by the way? And like they said above me I love changes with Steve because we go through them together it is great!!