Sunday, December 18, 2011

how things have changed since the babe

I remember when I bought my first car. My Dad gave me a head's up, words of advice, and a warning when he said, "You realize if you buy this car, your bills will never stop right? You will always have some sort of payment to make every month from now on. You'll never be done." .. and he was right! Car payment, car insurance, gas, car washes, oil changes, and maintenance. Just like those words of advice from my Dad, a customer at the bank told me when I first found out I was expecting a wee babe.. "You realize that the worrying will never stop now, right? You will always be thinking of your child in the back of your mind. Everyday. From here on out." Well ok then! I'm doomed to worry. Got it. I'll soon see how true that is.

Since the babe has been growing inside of me I have experienced so many thrills of pregnancy and changes to life as I had previously known it. After I got through the first 3 months of all-day-long sickness, the rest of my pregnancy has been so pleasant! I remember the first kicks and flutters and twists that I felt. I was sitting on the couch in our apartment with Tom. We were watching "Bones" I think..? and suddenly it felt like there was popcorn popping inside my stomach. That popcorn popping feeling grew to actual kicks that I could pinpoint where he was at. The first time Tom felt the baby move was during a Fresno State football game we were watching from our laptop in our apartment. I felt these really soft (what I thought were) kicks and grabbed Tom's hand so he could finally feel our little babe. I figured they couldn't be kicks because they were too rhythmic so I then called them hick-ups.

Now as I am 33 weeks pregnant his once tender kicks now sometimes take my breath away. He can kick so hard sometimes I wonder what the world what exactly he thinks he's doing in there! My rib cage is not a bounce-house, my love, and my bladder is not a ball for kicking! I'm not sure what exactly he's doing in there but I can imagine him spreading his arms out in each direction and just pushing really fast against my sides- and then he stops. And then he does it again bam-bam-bam-bam-bam... and then he stops.. It makes me laugh so hard. I used to be completely content to sleep through the night, full bladder and all.. Now, if I only get up twice I consider it a successful night's sleep. I don't stick out very far in front for being 8-almost 9 months pregnant, and my doctor lady said that I'm carrying him in my back a lot, which I can attest to! My back goes numb every few days.. and it makes getting comfortable a really hard thing to do. My right foot swells so much more than my left. The first day I had swollen feet was Thanksgiving morning. I thought it was a lot of fun that day. Now, not so much. I used to prefer chicken over steak of any kind, any day. Now chicken makes me gag and I crave a good steak. Taco Bell is my current food obsession. So bad, I know!! Tacos, quesedillas, burritos, tostadas, all with some nacho cheese. Delish. I used to be able to give myself a mini pedicure but with what feels like a basketball inside my tummy I can't reach down to my toes long enough to make any kind of progress. Putting on socks and shoes is a bit more difficult and Tom has become my official socks and shoes remover after work. Bless his heart.

Tom has been so extremely patient with me during this pregnancy. He humors me when I'm being (only slightly, of course) ridiculous. He doesn't complain when I don't feel like doing much after work besides relaxing. He makes me laugh when I would otherwise want to cry over the changes that are happening to my growing body and weakening bladder and tear ducts. I have cried over watching flash mobs on youtube and free valet parking at the hospital. He talks to the baby and anxiously feels for the babe to kick back to his nudges. He still tries to hear the heartbeat on the stethoscope, still to no avail. His life is changing as much as mine and I hope I am being patient enough with him. He has been mentioning that his eye has been twitching for the last month or so now.. and I wonder if it's because subconsciously he is stressing out but doesn't let himself worry out loud about it. I know my Heavenly Father has helped me to find someone that could love me through my worst days and cheer me on during my best. How blessed I am to have someone so perfect for me by my side, not just for time, but for eternity.