Friday, June 26, 2009

my fun friend called tom

Well, here's a little story about how when you're not looking for something it comes to find you. Let me explain... a little over a month ago I was very content with how my life was rolling from day to day. I have only dated two boys seriously in the past and was not looking for another relationship. At all. I was happy with going to work, coming home, and spending the rest of my time at home, slightly obsessed with my favorite TV drama "Bones", hanging out with Cort or my Mom, visiting my G&G everyday after work.. life was easy and I was happily truckin along. .. and then everything started to take a turn.. so here's the story from the beginning - well my side of it at least. (wink)

A week or so before Mother's Day I was asked to give a talk in church ON Mother's Day. I said yes, of course, love to.. or something of the sort.. and went ahead and starting writing my talk. My mom wanted me to call back and tell them that I couldn't.. it being Mother's Day and all she wanted us all to be home. However, I decided that I should just go ahead and speak. I could use the blessings, right? (haha) So Sunday comes and it wasn't any different than any other Sunday so far. Then it's my turn to speak. I got up, gave my talk, and sat down at the end. As I was walking down the aisle to get outside.. (all I was really thinkin about was the BBQ going on at Grandma and Grandpa Valk's house with the whole family,) this boy jumps out of the row a couple pews behind mine and says "Oh, I really enjoyed your talk!" I said thank you or something to that effect.. and kept walking out. I truly didn't think anything about this boy - I just thought he was being really polite.

A day goes by and I got a message through Facebook.. it was this boy called Tom asking if I was going bowling or to institute or to FHE.. I told him no and probably four or five excuses later, I agreed to go Wednesday Night bowling with all the YSA's. We bowled on the same lane and then at the end of the night he asked for my number. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to give it to him because I was honestly so fine with where my life was at! I gave it to him, and a couple days later he asked me out! I said I'd love to go, and really I thought it would be fun! This is where my Utah trip came in and I left for the weekend. I had a blast in Utah and Idaho, enjoyed the drive there and back, and really, just the entire trip was a blast and a half. The Saturday I came home was Tom's and my first date. Before the date I was in such a negative mood! I didn't want to go, I was being such a "Debbie Downer" over the whole idea.. why? I don't really know, I guess I was just being a lame face.

Tom came and picked me up, we drove to Turlock to a bird/fish park.. can't really remember the name of it.. He brought along a loaf of bread and we fed the birds, ducks, and fish. It was a really nice evening. He brought out a picnic and the entire date was just a load of fun. I was very pleasantly surprised. From that night till now is kind of a blur. Sometimes I stop to think about all of the things we've done and talked about since then and it really takes my breath away! YSA activities, dances, luau's, bowling, star gazing, swimming, soccer, cha cha dancing, softball, Sequence, 24, car washing, crazy accents, countless laughs, a few tears, painting, and carpet cleaning ;) It is almost impossible for me to comprehend the fact that a month ago this boy called Tom meant so little to me.We hang out just about everyday. He is a load of fun. He's so funny.

Things I like about Tom: He is nice. Tom is probably one of the top 3 nicest people I have met in my entire life. He is selfless and happy. He is kind and gentle and he is so respectful. Tom takes charge of situations that are failing. He is such a big example to me. He's not afraid of doing the right thing. He's brave and cute. He makes me laugh. He's involved in life. He has goals and he's working so hard to make them a reality. He makes sense. He's a hard worker and doesn't quit until the job is done. He's creative and so sweet I'm sure I'm getting cavities! (haha) He speaks up and takes control of situations that could get awkward or dangerous. He humors me and not only puts up with my crazy moments but he joins in too! He pops my back perfectly, and gives whoa good massages. Tom is solid in his beliefs. He isn't ashamed or afraid standing for what he feels and believes is right. He puts things into perspective for me and he just makes sense.

I don't know why things have happened the way they have. I don't know how I found something and someone so good when I wasn't looking or ready for something to change my life around so wonderfully. I don't know how so many things fell into place to make this transition feel so natural and perfect. I guess what it comes down to is I don't care how things fell into place or why they have, I'm just glad they did.

Fun in Utah

This is a continuation of the blog previous.. I never really finished up my travels and how sad day is this??? I'm sure Shananagan and Jenn are a little bit passed the point of anger.. maybe even to the plotting stage? Who knows? So here we go my loves! Here is the rest of my story.

Driving from Idaho to Utah was a NIGHTMARE. I was not happy. I was not having fun. I was not driving 75 on the hwy, no no.. I wasn't driving 50 or even 40 mph. I was tubbing along at a "brisk" 35 mph speed. Why? There was a massively massive and humungus storm a raging. It was scary. It was dark and windy. It was raining and lightening. And I was NOT smiling. Normally I love storms, but this was not one of those times. I was actually crying. So it was literally a sad sad day/night. I finally made it to Utah and Shannon and I were finally able to be friends again. ;) She had the house to herself and so we were partyin it up college graduate style. Complete with PJ's, brushed teeth and Shan's face washed.. we sat on the couch at watched a P-90 X Info-mercial. It was actually a pretty good one. (Oh, and PS Shan.. I found out it really works. A girl at work told me.) We watched that for a whole .. oh I don't know 15 minutes and then we went to bed. I fell RIGHT asleep. I don't really even remember getting into bed. All the sudden I woke up. mm. Love nights like that.

We woke up and of course, had to hit up facebook and talk about people that we used to know. Some that we're glad we no longer do.. and others we wish we could still be friends with. We watched music videos, and talked and talked. She showed me a very precious love video that I am so determined to have one of me and my love done one day. Ask me about it and I'll show ya what the world I'm talking about. Then we got ready to go and ... we went SHOPPING!!! We went to Downeast.. which is a goldmine for cheap clothes. I bought some True Religion jeans there... but they were boy's kind so I took them back. I had no idea!! I just knew they were a bit gappier than I think those jeans are meant to fit. Ah well. Then Shannon and I went to the Mall and we both did some shopping. Me for shoes (I just can't help it) and Shannon for cute tops. She ALWAYS has cute tops. I bought some whoa so cute zebra heels that I can't match with anything. They were only 6.99 and they are sassy and they make me feel so good. I really heart them a ton. They don't even give me blisters, which is a mega bonus.. except they make my toes cry so I don't wear them everyday.

Shannon and I finished up our fun outings with lunch at BAJIOS! It was so so delishioso!! I hadn't eaten there since I was in Rexburg over a year ago and there was one in Layton. She even ordered the Queso Dip. (as bro pyper says.. so good you could drink that stuff) Well, we didn't drink it, but we did taste it and we did like it. A lot. :D This completed our fun time together and I got ready to go head to my sisters casa for a couple of hours.

Some things that I love about Shannon. She is the biggest reason why I stayed up at BYU-Idaho after my first semester. She was patient with me and helped me to look on the bright side of things when all I wanted to see were reasons why I needed to go back to Oakdale. I love Shannon because she is so good at being happy and so good at being a fun friend. She is friendly and thoughtful and through the best and funnest of times all the way through to the worst of times - and yes we did have a few of those. (wink) She truly is one of the greatest girls I have ever known. I love Shannon for always loving me.

I visted my sister Jenn and her family for only about 5 hours but it was a blast. I love my sister Jenn. She is pretty rockin. She was always the sister that would bring me home some soda or something from town.. which I always thought was so cool when I was young. I mean now it's great too, but it was so fun to be her little sister. I met up with her at Target and she introduced me to a bunch of people she knows there. She spends so much time there that she can introduce me by name to the workers there. How embarrassing!!! hahaha... except she works there so I guess it's okay. I wish that Jenn and Sipa lived closer to Oakdale. I mean, I'm sure I already have this title with them anyway, but how is the Best Aunt in the World supposed to have full reign if she doesn't live near two of her favorites!!!? C'mon Jenn and Sipa! Move home!! I had a blast of a trip. I loved almost every moment of it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my trip to rexburg.

Well my goodness gracious what a crazy fun time life is sometimes!! So here is the blog of my travels and my friends. Memorial weekend is a pretty crazy weekend and I was the lucky winner and didn't have to work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday!!! So I naturally planned to run out of town. If I had super stamina I may have just ran literally.. but I do not.. so long time college friend Chris drove with me to Utah and then I made my way up to Idaho. I had a blast!! I got to see so many friends and be reminded, once again, why I love my friends so much!! Holy smokes I have been blessed beyond words. You guys know who you are! My life would be a sad tale indeed without you. 

Chris and I made it to Utah and I dropped him off at his sister's house. I then drove to Jenn's house and passed out in her spare bedroom. I was beyond beyond sleepy. I slept for three hours, got up, showered, and headed back on the road to go see my dearly beloved's that are still livin the good life in Rexburg. Can I just say.. that drive up there was getting pretty tough. I wanted to sleep so bad. However, this isn't something that is encouraged and so I did my best to keep my eyes focused on the road! ha. Pulling off the highway into Rexburg was so bittersweet and perfect. It. Has. Not. Changed. Except the Hardhat Restaurant moved to I.F I guess. Random. That temple sitting up on that hill has never looked so beautiful. I'm so blessed to have been there through all stages of it being built. 

First stop: I went and saw Lindsaywitt. Oh my heck I love this girl. She is always a shining example of happily truckin' on. She is the greatest example to me of faith in the Lord. She amazes me. Like really, really whoa. She is funny and fun and a champ in having patience with me when I'm a little crazy. In a word, she is selfless. Always thinking of others. I've seen this in her for years. Linds, if you ever need a recommendation for a job or school, call me. I promise it'll be Gold Star quality. =)

That night Lindsaywitt and I drove to Ammon to see our dear friend Brandi Jo! This was an adventure for sure! Brandi lives with her lovely husband Drew in their first home!! Brandi is quite the decorator. She has everything looking model-home quality.. but better. She is absolutely the best at turning any dull space ... aka dorms (haha) or any other living space into a lively, colorful, homey and "never-want-to-leave" dream. She's good with colors and shapes, and Brandi, you're definitely hired to come make  my house a pretty place one day. 

Lindsaywitt, Brandi, and I had a very very fun night. We roasted marshmallows and starbursts in Brandi and Drew's fire pit in their yard. It was the most perfect weather we could have asked for, no mosquitos, and of course, my boot sitting there enjoying the fire. One of the adventures that we had was driving to her in law's house to get fire wood. Now let me explain this: old beat up jeep. dents in the sides and gray. way lifted tall. NO doors. sitck shift. three girls. enough room for two. It was a BLAST. we were laughing so so loud. the motor on the jeep was so loud we couldn't even hear ourselves, but it was such a fun adventure.

After this evening of fun with Lindsaywitt and Brandi I went over to my 79's house. aka Melly's little nest that she shares with her super fun and nice hubby Marc! Now Melly and Marc. They make me so happy. I have told Melissa this before - but I can only hope that I can share a relationship with my FEC (future eternal companion) like Melly and Marc share. They are so absolutely perfect for each other. Their love for each other is tangible. You can really feel it being around them. I literally feel happy and hope for my chance one day. They are just cute and nice. .. not only that, but they have let me sleep on their floor two different visits now. Thanks guys, I really really appreciate it!! 

So now it's Sunday .. can you believe all of that other stuff was all just in one day?? True story. I experienced something so neat going to Melly and Marc's ward. They live in married housing - obviously - and so their ward is just married couples. It was the strangest thing ever!! Everybody had a buddy at church! Everyone was sitting in pews.. but by twos! Every couple of couples had a baby.. but for the most part it was just a whole ward filled with couples. It was the funnest thing! After church Melly and I travelled around Rexburg taking as many creative boot pictures as could be created. We were laughing a ton, and below is my all time favorite Lucy Boots picture...

After the boot pictures Melly and I went and surprised our old roommate and dear friend Ali. Now, for those of you who don't know, Ali is notorious for Sunday being a day of rest. Meaning, she spends the whole day, minus three hours at church, sleeping. It is the funniest thing. She wakes up looking whoa crazy, hair everywhere, and always in her navy blue boxers with bright orange slices printed all over. She wasn't answering her phone when Melly and I called so we walked right into her room.. she still didn't wake up .. so I lied down on the bed next to her and snuggled up to her.. and let me remind you - she didn't have any idea I was coming - infact I had talked to her the day before .. on my way to Utah .. and told her I had a couple days off and she told me I should come to Idaho. I told her it was impossible and other stuff.. and then there I was laying there next to her. She yelled. Melly and I laughed. Oh Ali, you are a crazy girl. I love your random art-si-ness. I love that you can recreate anything beautiful you see with paint and canvas. You are so funny. 

After my visit with Ali, Lindsaywitt and I went to Jenn and Allen Jones's home. Jenn and Allen were the Head Residents at Lamprecht Hall when Lindsay, Brandi, and I were all RA's .. and then Allen was my Director in the Student Spirit Events organization on campus for two semesters. They both have been there during very good and very trying times with me. I will always consider each of them some of the most impacting ( that a word??) friends from my time at BYU-Idaho. They both were and still are such amazing examples of faith in the Lord. I love each of them and their family dearly. Lindsaywitt and I went over to their home and played the wii.. I mean I played the wii while everyone laughed.. cause Linds wouldn't play. What a lame-o! ;) It was fun. A ton ton of fun!

After dropping Lindsaywitt off at her apartment, I again got in the car and drove once again out of Rexburg. It was such a short but crazy visit. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Going to taco bell to see my old co-workers. Eating at Craigos. Shopping at Downeast. Visiting temple grounds so close to home. What a perfect place.

my updated adventures

so i have a couple of updates