Friday, May 15, 2009

i kinda miss you rexburg

Let's go back a little bit shall we? Two years ago I lived in La Jolla apartments with three of my dearest friends in the universe. Two of those dear friends were getting a growing obsession with and helplessly bending the back of a completely (then) unknown novel called "Twilight". A book, at the time, I claimed was stupid, lame, and vowed I would never ever read it because of what it did to them. A book that had two of my roommates gasping and going crazy because they couldn't read fast enough. A book that drove me crazy because of their craziness for it. Fast forward two years and those pages, then stiff, are now thin and crinkled. A book that will always remind me of the dear and fun times I had with my roommates in good old Rexburg.

I'm planning a trip back to Rexburg - just for a quick visit. I am so excited to go and visit that  place. With the planning of this little trip I've thought about what it will feel like to drive that familiar highway. How it will feel to see the Rexburg Temple standing tall on the hill, still miles out of town. How it will feel to drive through those familiar streets, see places where I have lived and grown so much. I've thought about Barnes Hall, Nauvoo House, and good old Lamprecht Hall. I've thought about campus and how much it has changed in the short time I've been away. I've thought about SSE, the growing experiences and countless things I learned about myself, others, and most importantly the Savior. I think of roommates, boyfriends, classes, activities, and jobs I've had, loved, and not loved ;) but all of them shaping me into who I am now. I don't know how it will feel to be back and not belong. 

Some things about Rexburg will never change. Things like snow covering the ground more than half the year. Wind e-v-e-r-y-day. Clean checks and white glove. Up hill both ways - to class and home - how it works, I'll never ever understand it. However, it's the things have have changed that make me sad to go back. Things like roommate dinners every night, quick trips with all 5 roommates piling into a car to run to Walmart. Ice skating for FHE and apartment prayers (sure do love ya!) 

Jamba runs with Jenn, Brandi, and Lindsay. Things like Ali taking days in walmart to do her grocery shopping. Crossing the "frozen deseret" and still being late and having to "sign in". Things like Jaimie being so loud and intrusive.. opening the door during goodnight kisses. AWKWARD! (hahahaha) Things like Shan and Melly reading in our room about Edward saving Bella from unimaginables.. bad guys in Port Angeles, potential and evolving warewolves, and bad vampires. Something I used to hate, but wish I could return to.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

so sick

So you wanna know how this Wednesday was ruined for me?

I was such a good kid today at woke up at 5AM! Sad story is, that I didn't have a choice and all the sudden got so sick. That's right folks. I was sick all day, had to call in sick, slept more than half the day in my bed, but was too lazy or too sore to get up and pull the shades down or close the windows so this is how my day went. 

5am - so so sick. sleep about 10 minutes later. 
6:30am- again, so so sick .. back into bed around 
7am. sleep.. birds chirping.. oh yeah, lets not forget that my bed faces the window where the sun peaks over  the back of the house.. sun right in my face. blah. normally love it, today, not so much. trying to sleep. wind picks up, blowing my shade against my bed lamp. 

this makes a (tink tink tink) noise. Not to be confused with Tinkerbell. no oh no. This was very different. So I keep trying to sleep. Oh no, time to be sick again. Decide that I want to scrub the toilet. So I do. 

9:20am - decide there is no way I'm going to be able to last at work, so I call in ... feeling kinda dumb about it because if my sickness would have held off until tomorrow (Thursday) I wouldn't have had to call in sick, cause that would have been my day off. 

9:30am - Decide I want some pepto bismol. So I get some. The chewy kind. nasty, but better
than that syrupy stuff. I try to sleep. Oopsie daisy, wake up again cause why? I got sick from my pepto. Sweet you would think - however absolutely stinkin not.

1pm - wake up .. why? to be sick and cause my dad is doing his "honey-do-list" and starts edging the yard... followed by blowing the grass off the driveway.

11 lbs lost, 4 pepto pills, 6 hrs of napping, and one very sore body later, here I am writing a post about being sick. How sweet. Okay bye.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome to blogspot Brittany. Welcome.

So I have gotta be honest.. I always thought that the whole blogging thing was lame lame lame. However, I have to say I've enjoyed looking at my lovely jolly friends' blogs that it has made me a little jealous that they had something to express themselves so perfectly - and I did not. So here I am.. starting a blog. I'm still getting the hang of it, but one day it'll rival the cuteness of the blogging experts out there. You just wait!!

So, what is happening with me? My life today was an odd one. I got to go into work around noon so I had the whole morning to relax and get ready slowly, instead of running around my room, tripping over piles of neglected laundry. It was a nice thing indeedy! Work was lovely, there are always customers that make you feel like punishing them.. but then there are customers that really make your day and make you feel so appreciated. I love that kind. They're my favorite. I have realized that I LOVE customer service. I love making people's day. I love it when people come to me with a problem, they are upset, and feeling defensive a little bit.. and then finding a way to help them and really turn their day around. It is the best feeling. This blog is b-o-r-ing! I'm sorry.. Just mostly trying to figure out how my page looks. So don't bug my face and tell me it's lame, I already know.