Saturday, February 6, 2010

just once for me.

On Tuesday, January 5, before the wedding I went through the temple for the first time. All I can say is whoa and wow. I was given a couple of tidbits of advice: Don't try and remember everything. Focus on the spirit. Don't be nervous, everything that is taught is from the scriptures. It's really nothing new at all; you've been taught this all of your life. And you know what? Really pay attention because you get to go through just once for you. Just once for me. One time and every other time is about someone else. I thought that would be a little bit nerve racking!! But it wasn't.. it sounds trite to say, but it really was perfect. Everything they said was true! I'm sad that as time passes my memories of that day are becoming dim but the feelings I had and the spirit I felt while inside those temple walls still burn strong within. I thought the entire thing was so amazing. It was eye opening and humbling and exciting and oh so overwhelming. I loved it.

One moment of that whole day that I know I will never forget is how it felt to hold Tom's hand as he walked me around the corner into the Celestial Room. All I could make out at first was how bright it was. White and yellow everywhere, and then I found faces I recognized in what felt like a sea of new and unfamiliarness... Dad. Mom. Cort. Jenn and Sipa. Kelly and Talmage. Carla. Gayle and Mike, Amy, and Christy. Tom's family and others in my family. It was so special it took my breath away and I felt so much happiness and strength. I think I finally know what it means to say "my heart was full". I went to my Dad and I hugged him and couldn't help but cry. How special and peaceful that place was. Heaven on earth is what it is referred to, and now after being there myself, I completely understand why. If Heaven is anything like the Celestial Room in the temple, I don't know what in the world I would let stand in my way of being there. It was perfect.

There is so much to learn and I love the chance that Tom and I now have to go to the Fresno Temple so close to home.

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